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Letter: Why We Are Opting-Out

Thursday, 20 March 2014 09:37

A few weeks from now, New York’s public school children in grades 3-8 will spend six days taking the poorly designed, expensive New York State Assessments. The overreliance on these tests has pushed school districts to abandon successful curriculum models and confine themselves instead to the limited, unproven and expensive Common Core standards.  

“Prepping” for these dreary, mind-numbing examinations greatly reduces the time our kids can spend on appropriate, meaningful educational pursuits. It inhibits excellent teachers from bringing their inspiration and ingenuity into the classroom. The tests penalize children for their creativity and original thinking, and they punish gifted children and those with special needs even more severely. The process also channels tens of millions of our tax dollars out of the classrooms and into the coffers of  rapacious testing corporations, who view our children as nothing more than a footnote on their bottom line. These companies also eagerly look forward to gaining access to our children’s confidential personal information.


Letter: Fair Elections For New York State

Thursday, 20 March 2014 09:36

We’re almost there! With years of bipartisan support, we’re now closer than ever to seeing comprehensive campaign finance reform. Governor [Andrew] Cuomo’s budget includes

a small donor matching fund, ensuring that we’ll see more candidates running and more participation by small donors (a healthier democracy!) And while it’s clear that his constituents support these changes, it’s not clear why Senator Jack Martins does not. Is he listening to us or to his large campaign contributors? All eyes are on you, Senator Martins!

Judith Beck


Letter: Mayor Supports Trustees Hagan And Moore

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:34

Village of Bellerose Mayor Henry Schreiber endorses incumbent Trustee candidates, Margaret Hagan and Kenneth Moore, in the upcoming Bellerose Village election. Hagan has been instrumental in her role as trustee responsible for the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development making funds available for housing rehabilitation to village residents. As trustee, Moore is vital to the safety of the village in his emergency response roles with the Bellerose Village Fire Department and the county at large as part of the Nassau County First Battalion Emergency Operations.

Both Trustees Hagan and Moore have been outstanding trustees serving the Board and Village of Bellerose for more than 10 years collectively. The mayor also urges residents to show support through voting on Village Election Day, Tuesday, March 18, from noon to 9 p.m. at Bellerose Village Hall, 50 Superior Road.

Submitted by the Bellerose Village Court Clerk’s Office


Letter: Drinking And Driving

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:36

On Feb. 3, I celebrated my 30th year as a law enforcement officer. In that time I have witnessed both the best of humanity and the worst. Thank God that the good times far outweighed the bad. Having recently witnessed another potentially fatal traffic accident involving youths, and alcohol; I feel I would be remiss in not commenting publicly on a recent event within our Floral Park Village. This incident involved a decades old formula for tragedy - Youth + Alcohol + Driving (speed) = Disaster.

There is ample research that the drinking of alcohol is not a “youthful rite of passage” but rather has some real world implications most of which result in tragedy and misfortune. I ask that you as parents, educators, and other concerned stake holders join the Floral Park Police Department in addressing this very serious problem that exists within our Village.


Editorial: Spring In Our Step

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:37

Finally, the thermometer has cracked the 50-degree mark. Our clocks have sprung forward. A new type of snowdrop—tiny white flowers—is poking out of the lingering snowmelt in Floral Park. Soon we’ll be seeing early bloomers like witch hazel and daffodil. Then the roadside forsythia will explode in tiny yellow blossoms, a rainbow of azaleas will burst forth, and the floral season will be in full swing.

Readers will have noticed a bumper crop of horticulture coverage creeping into our pages already. Who can resist the vision of bright scarlet camellias in the dead white of winter? Gardening is a favorite hobby of many in Floral Park Dispatch, and we want to help you make the most of your plot of earth, whether it’s measured in acres or square feet, whether you prefer flowers or veggies or just a flawless smooth green lawn adorned with precisely carved topiary.


The Importance Of ‘Everyday Heroes’

Written by John Miller Thursday, 06 March 2014 12:26

In honor of National Red Cross Month, we would like to recognize our Everyday Heroes from Long Island who reach out to help their neighbors when they need it most.

These everyday heroes help disaster victims get back on the road to recovery. They donate lifesaving blood. They help brighten the day of injured service members who are far from home. They take lifesaving skills classes; they then step forward to help a heart attack victim or to save a drowning child.


Letter: Good-Bye Inisfada

Thursday, 06 March 2014 12:25

I read John Owens’ article on Inisfada (“Not Just A Mansion, But A Monument Lost”) with nostalgia and sadness. I knew the history of the Brady family, in particular Mrs. Brady.

I miss attending mass, retreats and wonderful holiday events. Inisfada was a very cohesive local community.

The article offered some small amount of closure, so thanks for that.

Germaine Greco


Letter: Exciting Things Happening At The Floral Park Library

Thursday, 06 March 2014 12:24

“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”     — Mark Twain

This winter seemed to have been endless days of snow, slush, and ice, so we welcome the variety that spring has to offer. The Floral Park Public Library has a lot of variety to offer as well to its patrons.  


Editorial: Local Girls Spread Fame And Calories

Monday, 03 March 2014 00:00

Every year we look forward to Girl Scout cookie season, which runs from early January to late March—even though the calories involved do not help us lose the extra pounds we picked up over the holidays. We buy our Thin Mints and Tagalongs in bulk, but even so we’re out long before the next round of sales. So we are always in a state of eager anticipation by the time the girls in green and brown appear in front of the Long Island Railroad station in Floral Park. We don’t even mind their parents shilling the tasty treats at work.  


Phil-osophically Speaking: February 20, 2014

Written by Phil Guarnieri, Sunday, 02 March 2014 00:00

Two Minutes Before Midnight

On the morning of February 14, the U.S received a Valentine from President Karzai of Afghanistan when the gates of the Bagram prison swung open and 65 men with grizzled beards and blood-soaked hands were let out to breathe the fresh air of freedom. These prisoners were not some disgruntled Episcopalians, but Jihad fighters directly linked to attacks killing or wounding U.S. and Afghan security personnel.

No wonder Americans are looking at the Afghan situation as a Sisyphean nightmare. President Karzai of Afghanistan, who the U.S. supported and funded, is veering inexorably toward the Taliban. America’s options seem a lot like the man who went to see his clergyman for advice and was told that two roads lay before him—“one that went straight to hell” and the other that led “right to damnation.”


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