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Letter: Earl Higgins to Vote for William Carr

Friday, 02 March 2012 00:00
I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the excellent qualifications of my neighbor William Carr, who is a candidate for election as a trustee to the Williston Park Village Board.

Billy and Cathy Carr, and their four children, have been my neighbors now for 10 years, ever since they purchased their home in 2002.


Letter: Caseys Are Voting for Billy Carr as Trustee

Friday, 24 February 2012 00:00

Jimmy and I have known Billy Carr for 15 years.  We are happy to call him our friend and neighbor.  We are excited that Billy is running for a position as village trustee of the Village of Williston Park.

We know that Billy is involved with the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, the village recreation committee and the CYO program at St. Aidan Church.  He is well liked by many and a good leader.


Letter: A Quiet Fly Zone for All

Friday, 24 February 2012 00:00

Recently, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation indicated the rules for the over-water helicopter route for the North Shore of Long Island will be put in place in the next few months. A minimum helicopter flight altitude requirement of 2500 feet offshore will be instituted. This does not address the low-flying, disruptive, noisy and home rattling helicopters flying the LIRR Main Line Corridor route from Bellerose to Westbury. There are special considerations that need to be taken into account pertaining to this helicopter route because it intersects with Kennedy Airport jet aircraft runway routes 22 Left (22L) and 22 Right (22R). The main line helicopter route intersects both the Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) and Visual Flight Rule (VFR) landing glide paths to both runways.


The Mayor’s Corner Village of Williston Park: February 15, 2012

Written by Paul Ehrbar Friday, 17 February 2012 00:00

Last Walk on Our Block  by Ron Baumbach

Williston Park is a town where every child deserved to have grown up. Situated on Long Island, it is a relatively short distance from the hustle and bustle of the “big city” but it has the ever loving charm of small town USA. Caring neighbors, friendly shopkeepers, civic-minded citizens, dedicated politicians, countless volunteers, it is a hamlet that could be the set for many a movie about the ‘good life’ in Middle America.” Williston Park is an America where love of neighbor is not only preached but practiced”, writes Ron Baumbach in his recently published “The Last Walk on Our Block.”

Last week I had the good fortune of meeting Ron through an introduction by former Mayor Roger Fay. Ron grew up on Houston Ave. and has written of his and his siblings’ upbringing in the village. Ron and Roger met with the library staff and Library Director Donna McKenna. Donna is hopeful of scheduling an appearance by Ron at the Carl Del Vechio Memorial Library in the near future.


From the desk of Congressman Gary Ackerman: February 15, 2012

Written by Congressman Gary Ackerman Friday, 17 February 2012 00:00

Ackerman Condemns Attacks on Israeli Targets

U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman, the top Democrat on the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, today issued the following statement condemning the attacks that targeted Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia:

“I want to condemn in the strongest possible terms the attacks today on Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. Iran is the likely culprit for these despicable acts. These acts of terror further demonstrate the absolute need to prevent the bloody-handed ayatollahs who rule Iran from acquiring the capability to produce nuclear arms. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and it has declared with shocking regularity its commitment to Israel’s destruction. While much international attention focuses on second-guessing Israel, it is Iran, by its continued defiance of multiple specific mandates from the U.N. Security Council concerning its illicit nuclear program, that has forced responsible nations to impose crippling economic sanctions and to consider the necessity of military action to prevent Iran’s nuclear proliferation.


From the desk of Superintendent Robert Katulak: February 7, 2012

Written by Village of New Hyde Park Superintendent Robert Katulak Friday, 10 February 2012 00:00

What’s New in New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Schools

The New York State Board of Regents has adopted new Common Core Learning Standards and Assessments, and our district has been working as a collaborative team to make sure everyone understands the focus of these standards.

Our philosophy is that these standards are being implemented to help us as administrators and teachers to improve students’ learning. We are simultaneously examining our curriculum frameworks to align them to the new Common Core Standards and map the year’s progress with essential questions and progress monitoring tools.


From the desk of NY State Senator Jack Martins: February 7, 2012

Written by Senator Jack Martins Friday, 10 February 2012 00:00

 Peeling The Skin off The Onion

If you’ll indulge me, I’d ask you to imagine a very complex flow chart, one with a jumble of miniscule numbers and overlapping arrows pointing in every direction that are nearly impossible to decipher. That’s what government bureaucracies tend to create. But in my years of public service, I happen to have gotten pretty good at analyzing these labyrinths, tracing their complexities back to their respective centers. What’s more, I can now almost always predict what you’ll find there: an overburdened taxpayer that doesn’t know what hit him.   

You see, bureaucracies avoid coming right out and asking you for more money because they know it makes you angry. Now I know you’re saying, “Are you kidding, Jack? Have you seen my property tax bill?” But I can assure you that if government truly approached you, the taxpayer, directly for everything they want, your head would explode. Rather, they prefer creating ingenious new taxes and fees, pinching a bit here, squeezing a bit there and hopefully distancing taxpayers from the sting. The former Senate majority came up with an astonishing 214 of them in 2009 alone, imposing billions of dollars in new taxes and fees as we struggled through a recession. If there was a trophy for creatively fleecing people, I have no doubt it would be found sitting on their mantle.   


The Mayor’s Corner Village of Williston Park: February 1, 2012

Written by Paul Ehrbar Friday, 03 February 2012 00:00

Cars Not Allowed on Village Streets During Snow Storm

This past weekend the village was hit with the first snow storm of 2012 (hopefully the last, but unlikely). While the amount of snowfall was approximately 21/2 inches a snow emergency was not declared.

However, sanding and plowing operations were required. Numerous vehicles were parked on streets throughout the village which hampered snow removal efforts. I remind all, that cars should be removed from the streets when snow falls to allow for street cleaning to be effective in creating safe driving conditions.


From the desk of Superintendent Robert Katulak: February 1, 2012

Written by Village of New Hyde Park Superintendent Robert Katulak Friday, 03 February 2012 00:00

Kindergarten Registration Dates and Times

If you have a child who will be 5 years of age by December 1, 2012, or know of someone in our school district community who has a child of this age, then it is time to register the child for kindergarten. In order for us to adequately plan for the next school year, it is necessary for all children eligible for kindergarten to be registered at this time.

If you have an eligible child, please register your child at your neighborhood school. Registration forms can be obtained at the main office of each of our schools or on our website at Please have the forms completed at the time of registration.


Letter: Legislator Richard Nicolello Is the Real Deal

Friday, 27 January 2012 00:00

As a (taxpaying) resident of Nassau County I am writing to let my fellow residents know that at least one of their politicians is truly their advocate and very well worthy of his position.

That person is our Nassau County Legislator, Richard Nicolello.  I was in somewhat of a legal battle with Nassau County, one that was dragging on for a year and a half and seemingly had no end in sight. After one phone call to Mr. Nicolello’s office my situation was resolved.


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