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This Maestro Is More Than Just Music

Music is a universal language. Its rhythms and beats have the power to alter people’s moods. A sad love song can engender memories of old romances, while an upbeat and fast paced rock song can give you the energy to run a mile. Whichever way you look at it, music has a profound effect on human beings.

According to a study published in 2004 by E. Glenn Schellenberg at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, children’s educational ability has been shown to increase, after learning to play the piano. A group of six year old children had their IQs tested both before learning to play, and after. The children saw their IQ increase after only one year versus another group which did not have any musical lessons. The overwhelming amount of research out there proves, that being a musical child can increase a child’s ability in nonmusical tasks. Studies like this should inspire communities to support their local music educators.

Anthony Cozzolino opened Maestro Music in August of 2009. He claims he can teach anyone to play the keyboard, the piano, and even the organ. Cozzolino said “Ninety-nine percent of my clientele start learning how to play with just one finger.”

There are many different types of keyboards, pianos, and organs all over the classroom. There is even an exact replica of a keyboard used at the Vatican.  Each instrument has different advantages that can fulfill a wide variety of client’s unique needs.

His students range in age from nine to 89. The young students unsurprisingly want to learn the latest hits. Cozzolino can teach you to play Adele, Coldplay, and even music from Disney’s hit film, High School Musical. Thirteen-year-old client David Granger of Levittown said, “It’s really inspirational and helpful here; I have definitely got a lot better since coming here.”

Adults are a big deal here as well. Cozzolino started a program for seniors, and it became wildly successful. “Seniors are the best customers!” said Cozzolino, with a smile. There is even a decal on the front window that reads “fulfilling your musical dreams… one note at a time.” He explained the meaning and said that “there is an older generation that always wanted to play a musical instrument, but for whatever reason they couldn’t. I want to give that generation their chance. For example, I have some clients with arthritis who thought they could never play the piano again. When I show them that they can recreate the same sounds on an easy to play keyboard, they are blown away.”

Many of Cozzolino’s older students work in groups. “They come in to learn together, and it becomes a special social event,” he said. “We don’t just play, we also have discussions about the history of songs, and our conversations get quite fascinating.”

Sheila Gassler, a pianist who attends Cozzolino’s lectures said, “As a musician I think Anthony is experienced, his knowledge is superb, and he really makes his classes enjoyable.”

Maestro Music’s employees are just as special as their customers. Danny Minervini who also teaches there is the “2013 American Theater Organ Society Student of the Year.” Minervini has just been elected by the society as their youth representative, and he regularly plays at Long Island University in Brooklyn.

Technology is really changing the way people learn music. An instrument called a virtual orchestra makes it sound like you’re playing along with your very own band. Playing on it gives students motivation to keep learning because they sound so much better.

Cozzolino sells all of the equipment he teaches on in the store. When a customer purchases an instrument from him, they are getting expertise like no other. “If you go to Best Buy, and have questions about an instrument you purchased from them, they have no idea,” he explains. Some of the instruments he sells even have headphone jacks. It’s a great option for people who don’t want to bother others while they learn.

Cozzolino is a truly talented individual whose enthusiasm is obvious in every word he says. He loves to listen to all types of music, but his favorites are the greats, like Tony Bennett and Michael Buble. He has been playing the piano since he was six years old and lists his high school music teacher as one of his greatest inspirations. He said, “One of the greatest compliments I get is when people tell me that they do not listen to music the same way anymore. They can really hear every instrument now, they really dissect the music.”

Maestro Music is the place to go if you ever wanted to learn music quickly and easily. Call 516-644-2910 or visit for information.