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Letter: Hannon Opposes Mosque Near Ground Zero

Friday, 27 August 2010 00:00

(Editor’s note: Our Election Times Policies state that although generally we do not publish letters from candidates, there may be instances when we would. Because of the uniqueness of the subject, we will accept one letter from candidates on the subject of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero. The letter should only address the candidate’s view and not that of the opposing candidate.)

As the controversy of building a mosque near Ground Zero continues to fill national headlines, I would like to express my opposition regarding the placement of a mosque in such close proximity to this sacred ground of New York City.


From the Desk of Dr. Charles Murphy, Island Trees Superintendent of Schools: August 20, 2010

Written by Island Trees Superintendent Charles Murphy Friday, 20 August 2010 00:00

Dear Island Trees School Community,

Earlier this summer, the Island Trees administrative offices, as well as our SCOPE pre-school, moved from the Geneva N. Gallow School to the Stephen E. Karopczyc School a few hundred feet away on the same campus. We are truly honored to work in the school building named for Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Stephen Karopczyc. Although the move was not an easy one, thanks to the outstanding work from our custodial and maintenance staff we are now settled in comfortably.

Please note we share our parking lot with the Island Trees Public Library, so the main entrances for the district and the pre-school program are located in the back of the building. The community should be aware that we will have a lot more traffic, as well as more parents walking their pre-school children in this area—please drive cautiously. Additionally, our Board of Education meetings are scheduled to take place here in the Karopczyc gymnasium and conference room. Our school calendars will be delivered shortly with a list of our Board of Education meeting dates or please find us on the web at: for more information about our school district. Our mailing address will remain the same: 74 Farmedge Road, Levittown, New York 11756.

Remember school begins the day after Labor Day this year, Tuesday, September 7th.


From the Desk of Dr. Herman Sirois, Levittown Superintendent of Schools

Friday, 13 August 2010 00:00

Everyone in the Levittown Public Schools looks forward to welcoming back our students and to sharing a wonderful year filled with learning and growth.

In preparation for the 2010-11 school year, many of our teachers worked on curriculum projects over the summer. Curricula were developed for some new courses and others were revised to ensure that Levittown students continue to be exposed to high standards of education. As always, our buildings were thoroughly cleaned and maintained. The custodial staff has worked diligently to ensure that our students have safe, clean schools to return to in September.


From the Desk of Dr. Charles Murphy, Island Trees Superintendent of Schools

Friday, 13 August 2010 00:00

Dear Parents, I cannot believe I have already flipped the calendar pages from June to July and from July to August, and now the next change will be to September and a new school year in Island Trees. Although at one point I never thought the endless summer heat wave would come to an end, here we are with the cooler weather beginning, and the opening of the school year upon us. On behalf of the Board of Education and the staff, I welcome you back to another wonderful year in Island Trees.


Thank You for Warm Welcome

Friday, 06 August 2010 00:00

As I take the helm from the previous editor, Rachel Shapiro, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome. The community members have no shortage of pride and enthusiasm for Levittown and its surrounding neighbors, which makes me excited to share the commitment in being a collective voice. The abundant support is much appreciated; I encourage each person to help me continue to tell the stories that shape the Levittown community.

Christy Hinko


Letter: Honoring Veterans

Friday, 30 July 2010 00:00
I’ve always found it really odd that a community built for the returning servicemen of World War II never had a plaque or a statue (that I’m visibly aware of) dedicated to them until Kate Murray dedicated the really nice looking memorial in front of the Levittown Library. With all those politicians, especially the Republican Party who remained in control for generations, espousing their commitment to God and country, marching in parades up and down the turnpike, giving speech after speech in veterans’ halls reminding us how they were so thankful to those who served, you would have thought that someone would have dedicated something, somewhere. But they didn’t.

Hempstead Receiver of Taxes Offers Options for General Tax Payment

Friday, 30 July 2010 00:00

With the deadline for paying the second half 2010 General Tax approaching, Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin reminds taxpayers of the convenient payment options offered by his office including extended hours, satellite offices, mobile tax office, drive through payment window and online payments. Payments for the second half 2010 General Taxes received or postmarked by the August 10 deadline will be penalty-free.

“Take advantage of our drive through payment window, where you can pay your taxes from the comfort of your car, or pay your tax bill electronically using e-check,” said Clavin. “Our mobile office brings town government to local neighborhoods, while satellite offices in Hicksville and Lawrence serve communities some distance from Town Hall.”


Letter: Information on American Opportunity Education Credit

Friday, 23 July 2010 00:00

(This letter is in response to a letter printed in the July 16, 2010 issue of the Levittown Tribune, entitled “Discrepancies in Schumer Speech at MacArthur Graduation.”)

Washington critics often joke that, “the most dangerous place to stand in our nation’s capitol, is between Senator Charles Schumer and the nearest television camera.” Tune into the evening news, on a hot and sultry “slow news night,” and you’re bound to see Schumer expounding on any issue that will gain him media coverage. The man is obviously a media hound, yet, over the past decade has risen to become one of the most powerful and influential members of the United States Senate.


Letter: No ‘White Flight’ for Levittown

Friday, 23 July 2010 00:00

No urban myth seems more pervasive and troublesome than the myth of “white flight” to the suburbs in the post-WWII years. Unlike other urban myths - UFOs, ghost sightings, JFK conspiracy theories, Bigfoot, creationism, a Republican-orchestrated 9/11, and President Obama as a foreign-born national - the myth of “white flight” has been perpetuated by journalists, academicians, and civil rights activists who know it’s a myth.

Too, over the years, Levittown has become to “white flight” what Roswell, New Mexico is to UFO buffs. Consider the facts:


Letter: School District Should Clean Its Act Up

Friday, 16 July 2010 00:00
And so the shenanigans at the Levittown School Board go on.  First, the board hires an individual, a history teacher, with no financial background as the assistant superintendent for business and then after two years of “mentoring,” at what cost we do not know, she is allowed to leave.  If the board of a publicly traded company the size of the Levittown School District, a $190,000, 000 budget, hired a chief financial officer (CFO), which is essentially what this position is, with no financial training or experience you can be quite sure the shareholders would revolt and the board and the CEO (school superintendent) would be seeking new employment.  Ah, but the taxpayers of Levittown sit back and take it and dig deeper into their already overtaxed pockets with each decision of the board.  People do not cry when a corporate CFO leaves because this person makes the hard financial decisions, hurts people but saves the corporation.  With the financial difficulties that face the taxpayers of Levittown and the district, we deserve someone who knows how to manage finances, who can find where the cost savings are and where the revenue opportunities lie.  Keep in mind, the superintendent blamed the fact that there are millions of dollars tied up in a sick day payout fund the district cannot touch on the mistake of a clerk in the finance office.  Is no one watching the candy store?  The prime candidate to fill the position is the “mentor”, Mr. Schissler, a retired “school administrator” who based on the tax rates and cost increases over the past two years has not shown he can do what is right for the Levittown taxpayer.  This is clearly not the individual needed to clean up the financial mess.

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