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Letter: Disgusted With Political Correctness

(Editor’s note: This letter is in response to an aid ad taken out by the Levittown Chamber of Commerce that appeared in the Levittown Tribune on Friday, Dec. 2.)

I am just disgusted, with this political correctness. I see the ad on page 19 of the Levittown Tribune. Who placed that ad? They should be fired.

The Christmas tree is a Christian holiday symbol and should be identified as such.   Please someone tell me what other religion uses a lighted and decorated tree among the symbols for their holiday at this or any other time of the year?

If you want to have a “Holiday Lighting” and decoration do so, but do not use the Christian symbol as part of your twisted logic.

By the way, if the politicians are concerned about hurting feelings because they are not being “politically correct” then they should stand up and be counted and do something correct. I would suggest that you hold a meeting with all of the representatives of all the religions within the community (and even if there are a few atheists or whatever every group gets representation) and have these folks get together and work it out so that all can be appropriately represented at some point of the year.

Turn over the administration of it to the organizations - let’s do it by population and percent within the community. Let’s get the representatives of all of the organized religions to do something useful and work together to bring back respect for each other.

Let’s celebrate our differences and support each other.

This “generic don’t offend anyone” stuff is disgusting. This country is built on tolerance - we have not always been good at it but we mostly have strived to be tolerant as long as you don’t step on me and give me the same respect that you expect of me.

So where is the tolerance for things Christian? Christians have to be tolerant (and the wording should be “are tolerant of the others”) of all where is it coming back? Where does it say that because you believe something that is different from what I believe that one of us is wrong and must stop?

I didn’t send a daughter and now a son-in-law overseas with the U.S. Army to fight for a generic lifestyle.

Thomas Caro
Levittown resident