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Letter: Moslem Wealth

The Gross Domestic Product, GDP, of a country is the sum of all output produced by economic activity within a country. It is a good measure of a nation’s wealth. It is well known that the GDP of Moslem nations falls way short of that of the Western World. But how far short? I decided to investigate.

There are 27 nations that are nearly 100 percent Moslem. (In this study I did not include any African Moslem country south of the Sahara desert mainly for the reason that these nations are extremely poor and even the data from there is suspect). For each of the 27 Moslem countries I extracted two pieces of information from the Economist booklet, Pocket World in Figures, 2009 edition, pages 250-254. These two are their population and their GDP.

The total population of the 27 was 1,033,000,000 (roughly one-fifth of the total world population) and their GDP was $2,391,000,000,000. Divide GDP by population. This gives one a figure of $2,315 of production per person per year.

Of the 27 countries, seven have very considerable oil and gas revenues. These are Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAR).

Here we have only 172,000,000 population and a GDP of $ 899, 000,000,000. The corresponding production per person is $ 5,232. Remember that these are the richest seven Moslem nations and this wealth comes almost exclusively from oil and gas.

Some comparisons:

Moslem, all 27 countries GDP $bn 2,391, $2,315 per person

Moslem, of those with oil, seven countries GDP $bn 899, $5,232 per person

United Kingdom, GDP $bn 2,377, $39,616 per person

United States, GDP $bn 13,164, $43,734 per person

This is astounding. Only 60 million persons in the United Kingdom produce as much wealth as more than one billion persons in the 27 Moslem countries. The reason for this is primarily an archaic religion that refuses to deal with reality. It astounds me how otherwise rational people can, with regard to religion, lapse into a “faith” mode regardless of proven facts. This is an indisputable fact in all religions.

Theodore Theodorsen