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Over 60 . . . And Getting Younger: November 21, 2013

The Market

All Americans are in the stock market! Even those people who never bought a security and pooh-poohed the market are in it or affected by the market. If their union, insurance plan or retirement is in a mutual fund, they are in the stock market. Some say money is the root of evil.

As they say, “the market goes up and down, but gradually up.” This statement was proved true after the recession of 2008. Was the world coming to an end?  

Stocks were down 40 to 50 percent. We recall the housing market was shot. Here we are five years later, the market is healthy and though the housing bubble burst, houses are now selling. Stock Brokers are interesting people, when the “blue chip” stocks are green (positive), they are happy and easy to speak with. When the stocks dip, they become less agreeable and quieter. “A rising tide floats all ships.”  

That is a Wall Street axiom, which means that when the market is rising even all your lousy stock picks will also rise.  The small and insignificant stocks are floating upward along with the rest of the market.

“Bears make money- Bulls make money-but Pigs get slaughtered.”  You can make money by being bearish (betting against the market) or even profit by being bullish (optimistic), but if you are a pig and out of control, you can lose it all.

Why are bears listed with loss? When a bear strikes, his paws hit down on his enemy.  When a Bull strikes, he raises his horns up high to gore the subject of his disapproval. As a wise Solomon said, “Look well into your investments.”

Some people love blue chip stocks and some people love penny stocks. There are so many ways to play the stock market. There is no right way. Only the way that makes money is the right way. In Las Vegas, there is a game for every player.

The same holds true for the stock market. Above all, avoid get rich quick schemes.    

Conservative - check out bonds and mutual funds.  Gambler - bet on high risk funds and stocks. As for me, I seek out daily pluses and minuses of the day. I have been doing it for more than 50 years. It is not a habit I am extremely proud of. I always want to know, how did the market do today?